Managed Print Services


Reduce your printing costs up to 30%!
According to the Gartner Group, organizations spend 1-2% of their total revenue generating printed documents. If you could reduce this cost think of how much money your company could save! Not only that a good print management strategy benefits the environment and can help you meet your corporate sustainability policies.

How does Managed Print Service work?
Augusta Office Solutions begins with a free assessment of your overall printing production, costs and needs. 


Our expert Managed Print Services program essentially:

  • Standardizes your devices so you are not incurring costs of operating old & new machinery – both of which can have different maintenance and service technicians, output and energy costs.
  • Consolidates your equipment.  It may be convenient for each employee to have a desktop printer, but the costs of supplying and maintaining those devices are high. We look to streamline and consolidate all of your machines saving you money in toner and maintenance costs.
  • Localizes your printer fleet. We strategically place printers around central locations in your office and assign specific printers to employees based on their printing use and functions.

Our process ultimately delivers a total print management strategy that can reduce your costs and improve productivity.

To learn more about how your business could benefit from our Managed Print Services, contact us today.